Music, Sound and Science

A Viennese Mozart contemporary, the physicist Ernst Chladni discovered a curious phenomenon: If you put on the sand a metal plate and put it into vibration by means of a bow or an appropriate percussion, it will form coherent figures, which change if changes the timbre of the generating instrument. In 1900, his studies were kept on by the physician and naturalist Hans Jenny. To him we owe the Kymatica, science that studies, in fact, these particular phenomena and allows us to expand our view of the "vibrational world".

In some ways, Jenny anticipates Mandelbrot Fractals (fractal geometry), but through his experiments he connects us with our past, with the myths that make the creation as the result of a sound emitted by the Divine. Currently who continues research in this area is Guy Manners.

Another important experience is the one Masaru Emoto has done by photographing with a special microscope water crystals. Working on different types of water at a temperature close to crystallisation (from spring waters at rain puddles) the scientist found in water, he said, almost a willingness to communicate a desire of purity. The stunning images of the hexagonal water crystals tend to recreate when water comes into contact with sonorous harmonies well organized (Mozart, Beethoven); on the contrary they tend to disintegrate when they come in contact with sounds harsh and dissonant.

Wolfgang Ludwig, German researcher and founder of the Institute of Biophysics in Horb, could prove that the water perfectly purified by chemical standpoint, keeps the energy footprint of the substances it came in contact with. Therefore, plastics, pesticides, hormonal substances leave some sort of signal, which is received by the body and cannot be removed by chemical means, but only through physical or energetic measures, recognizable by the body.

Lauterwasser, has developed an amazing technique, capable of making visible, through water, sounds and frequencies. The structures seeming simple at low frequencies, become progressively more complex if to the basic sound are added other sounds more acute, and infinitely more complex if put into vibration, for example, from an orchestral piece. It was also showed that the presence of the experimenter has got an influence on the outcome of the experiment. If we consider that man is made up of 70% water, it is not difficult to draw the necessary conclusions. And if besides this we add studies of the "memory of water" of the French researcher j. Benveniste, is inevitable to recognize how the human being is formable from vibrational point of view.

We need also to quote studies of Biophysics Hulda Klark, who has developed a device with the power of destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi with specific frequencies, or experimental studies of Fabien Maman, that in laboratory, with the help of sound frequencies distributed in melodic form, managed to break up cancerous cells in few seconds. In the United States, at Sound Health Research Institute, a thecnique has been developed by Sharry Edwards, named Bioacoustics, able to "map" the human voice and, through the analysis of the sound harmonics, determine any diseases or predisposition in the patient.

The cure, then, is done with sound and appropriate colors, capable of restoring the balance in the "vocal map".