What is BioArmon Kids

The project is specifically created for children in pre-school age, a period where they are still "synaesthetic", extraordinarily careful, supple and ready to develop their musical ear.

The educational training is carried out in 7-8 months and is directly implemented by nursery school teachers. The BioArmon operator trains teachers in only 4 hours in two days, enabling them to implement the system.

The children work playing every day for about half an hour, through listening and painting the colors of music specifically created for them. They develop rhythm games, sing and learn to use the energy of the voice through targeted vowels and consonants.

During the educational training, progress is monitored and, at the end of the course, the results are disclosed even through the show.

We believe it is very important, both in creative and organization area, to develop to the utmost the potentialities of the musicians, music students and team members sharing the work project, in the awareness that the music carries in itself the "power" to talk to the deepest part of the human being and that it is not just hedonistic fulfillment.

Observation during work, showed us that in Italy there are huge potentials and capacities not expressed in a greatest number of people. This because they have not been educated in the proper time or because they have not been understood therefore not properly stimulated. It is our strong belief that a better future is not merely a dream, but can be achieved especially through the art, which in human history has always played a decisive role in educating consciousness. Recognizing the role that Plato gave to art and starting from little children will be the same as to create solid bricks for the cathedrals of the future.

The will inscribed in BioArmon system is to be a help to have more contact with the self, teaching the person to recognize the harmony inside himself so as to achieve it outside, while respecting the diversity of everyone, in order to avoid what Kierkegaard was worried about: "men are born originals and end to be copies".

BioArmon was born from the desire to allow each of us to be conscious creator, in compliance with its and others originality, where beauty, so much searched in our times, is not reductively image and appearance, but expression of Harmony. And what more fertile ground to start this process, than the children ability to welcome and to be amazed?