The principle of sinest├Ęsi is the simultaneous perception of multiple senses that interact in symbiosis, inducing in the subject a perception of phenomena far more complex and comprehensive than it can experience an ordinary man. The synesthetic perceives a sound that is also a color and sometimes even a scent or a specific taste. It is supposed that in the origin, before our senses specialize, almost all children experience synesthesia and this is perhaps why they can acquire huge information very quickly, being able to have more "data" for storing experience.

Two famous synesthetics, lived in the last century were the musician Scrijabin and the painter Kandinsky; the first combined in his famous work, Prometheus, the sounds and colors that were part of his perception, creating effects and atmospheres of sublime intensity, the second drew a type of abstract painting, which unfolds in space like a melody does over time.

Brief and summary information were presented here only to show an example of a phenomenon that is in the world far wider and that should be analysed in greater detail.